For the love of sewing

My love for sewing

As you've seen most of my work is evening wear that's cause my biggest clientele is for banquets, weddings and all kind of special occasions , and it feels great to be apart of it
I feel so good about myself when I see my work and people applaud it, gives me motivation to do more and better the next time.
However I do become well aware of the haters "critics" that gives you nasty feedback, well to put it this way I've never been a person that cares what others think of me. I do this coz its my passion and your negativity gives me more positive results!
I love what I do and will never stop.
I do get different reactions from others because of my age and always get a statement like ....... Are you seriously sewing I was expecting your and get questions asked like...Where did you study? Is there someone in your family that you got this from? Why are you still working? When do you get the time to sew? Why don't you open your own boutique ?
Well I'm self - taught I started sewing when I was 7 years old made clothes for my dolls. I feed my knowledge with the internet and surrounding myself with people that do what I love. No there's absolutely no one in my family that loves sewing or where seamstress! That's the reason why I hate doing alterations coz my family took advantage....lmao
Well I'm working coz I'm busy building a foundation so when I decide to leave my job I will never work a day in my life. I do get time to sew after work (sometimes) but I mostly get all the sewing done weekends. And yes I'm working on owning my own butque one day!
In all of this God brought me this far and I'm not intending to stop now!

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