Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me……lol

Hi Dolls

So I turned a year older yesterday what a bless feeling ……….thank you God for saving me through another year I’m just so bless to have wonderful people in my life. I had the best Birthday ever I started my day by going to church and then I got the best present ever a new over locker  sewing machine ……………I was so happy that was the best birthday present I ever got! I also got this beautiful  handbag and a  purse…..just love it ! I must say I have the most amazing boyfriend /father of my kids he just gave me the time of my life yesterday! After receiving all the presents we had a potjie,we ate some amazing food, I just felt so special . I love the people in my life they are so good to me… (*^,)

Below is a few pictures


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Runaway Bride!

Hi Dolls

I’m feeling so lazy today……… after the long weekend I just need to sleep it off…….lol
We had a crazy weekend watching soccer believe it or not I’m not a sports person, but yes I did watch some local soccer supporting youth day!
It was so much fun the vibe was nice and we spend our Saturday at the annual Steven Pienaar Soccer Tournament  with the kids……
Monday ( Youth Day )  we planned to spend the day at the grounds watching the final soccer match , but it was so cold that we ended up with popcorn & watching movies ( I even forgot about work). This was a well spend weekend with my boyfriend and baby’s .

The project!
This is a wedding dress I made last year. I call it the runaway bride……….lol ……..long story but I will make it short! The client of the dress never came to collect the dress so now I’m hiring the dress out. Any way the dress was made with feathers in the front  and tulle at the back , I made the bust with tulle and made flowers on the bust for details I will be posting a tutorial on handmade flowers tomorrow!

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Toodel do!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Black tulle high low banquet dress

Hi Dolls

Today is going to be a long day ……..Monday !!! I have a lot of things to do, my schedule is a bit hectic.
I have a ton of material to get for the orders that just came in over the weekend mostly banquet dresses and a few weddings…… It’s just so funny that I’m going to buy all this material and my sewing machine just died on me L This is just so sad my baby died after 9 years and hundreds of garments she produced for me …..and now I have to trade her in for some new kid on the block…… L Well I won’t give up on her she is the best thing that ever happened to me!

The Project
This is a Banquet / Prom dress that I made two months ago. My client wanted the dress on the picture but with lace sleeves, so I made the dress with taffeta, tulle and lace. The dress turned out great and she loved it.

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Toodel do

                                                               The original dress

Friday, June 6, 2014

Rina's pink roses

Hi Dolls

Today is one of those freezing days in Johannesburg ………….brrrrrrrrr I can’t believe how the weather just changed yesterday the sun was still shinning outside , today someone left the freezer open……….lol
I can’t believe I made it to work I so badly wanted to turn back and go home ,get in my pj’s and sleep!.......maybe next time (*^,)

The project
I made this suit for a very nice lady she went to a wedding and wanted to look different so I came up with this jacket with the roses and a dress with frills below (*^,)
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Toodel do

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My feelings / Lady in red

Hi Dolls

I just had to sort out a few personal issues that really got me thinking a lot about TRUST…………..It’s a big word yes!!!!!
 I personally would never hurt a fly, I would never steal from others, and I would not even make empty promises! I tend to have a big problem when it comes to trust, I trust everyone I meet. But I do however feel that my trust has been stripped away from  me and I will be judging everyone I meet after one person that  I truly trusted to do his work messed everything up and stole from me . I’m so staggered,  and will never trust a another mechanic ever again…….just saying  ( It’s something I just had to get out………
Anyways getting back to the project this is a dress I made in the beginning of this year it was for a banquet/ prom dress. My client is one of Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls matriculate banquet /prom. I made the dress with a satin silk and chiffon with a slit at the bottom and on the bust I used a gold material for the detail and I made sleeves with a red lace material.

It was a fun project and I really enjoyed making the dress.

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Toodel do (*^,)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dinka's Banquet/ Prom Dress

Hi Dolls

Yes I know this dress is a bit revealing ……… well my client have a body that compliments this dress. This is also some of my old projects of last year that I just have to share. I made this dress with a satin, it has a slit in front and at the back it’s a mini with tulle at the bottom. The dress is different and it was a mixture of different dress designs. This was a banquet/ prom dress……….. I know what you thinking was she allowed to go to the prom ………….yes!!! Some schools do have rules as to the prom dance requirements and some just don’t have any …… But ether way I still think she looked great (*^,)

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Toodel do