Thursday, June 5, 2014

My feelings / Lady in red

Hi Dolls

I just had to sort out a few personal issues that really got me thinking a lot about TRUST…………..It’s a big word yes!!!!!
 I personally would never hurt a fly, I would never steal from others, and I would not even make empty promises! I tend to have a big problem when it comes to trust, I trust everyone I meet. But I do however feel that my trust has been stripped away from  me and I will be judging everyone I meet after one person that  I truly trusted to do his work messed everything up and stole from me . I’m so staggered,  and will never trust a another mechanic ever again…….just saying  ( It’s something I just had to get out………
Anyways getting back to the project this is a dress I made in the beginning of this year it was for a banquet/ prom dress. My client is one of Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls matriculate banquet /prom. I made the dress with a satin silk and chiffon with a slit at the bottom and on the bust I used a gold material for the detail and I made sleeves with a red lace material.

It was a fun project and I really enjoyed making the dress.

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