Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jumpsuit Banquet/Prom Dress

Hi dolls

Today’s project is a jumpsuit banquet /prom dress, I made this dress sometime last year. The bust is a corset type of a bust with boning and I trimmed it off with a crystal band on the bust and waist. I also gathered the bust (I will be posting a tutorial on how to gather a bust with chiffon next week so stay tuned!) at the bottom of the dress I added a shorts with chiffon hanging over it.
It was a fun project as I love working with chiffon and getting to do something different makes me all the more excited. I think it turned out great.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

See you next time

Toodel do (*^,)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zandi's Banquet Dress

Hi Dolls

This project I’m posting is also some old stuff…  well it was made last year December for a banquet / prom. As seamstress we sometime get projects that makes you scratch your head wondering how on earth you’ll make that …….. Well at least I do believe me it sometimes drives me insane! 
I do not work from a readymade pattern , I draft my own patterns  and it sometimes gets difficult especially if you’ve never done a dress similar to that. Never the less this is one of those dresses that got me thinking ………
I made this dress with taffeta (I just love taffeta it’s a great material for eveningwear, I use it a lot coz most of the dresses I make is evening or wedding dresses). The bust is gathered with crystals for the detail and it has a flower in the centre with a slit ending with frills from the slit to the bottom. I made the frills stand out more with boning as well as the flower.
Hope you enjoyed the post
See you next time
Toodel  do (*^,)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Green & yellow ballet cocktail dress

Hi There

This is a dress I made last year. It’s a cocktail two tone banquet  dress, I used a duchess satin and green tulle for the two tone. I gathered the bust and added crystals, sequence and beading for the detail. I really enjoyed making the dress , I didn’t want to let go …….lol so I decided to make a similar one for the fashion show , which I would post later, I will do a link on it   ;-)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother of Bride and Bridesmaids

What a beautiful wedding this was …. I made bridesmaids dresses with taffeta , with a gathered bust ending with flowers at the bottom. The Mother of bride wanted a dress and a half jacket , so I made layered dress with lace on the bust and the back. I didn’t make the bride’s dress ,I did however do some alterations for her.

                                                                   Mother of Bride

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jessica's Wedding

This is an old project I worked on sometime January. I made the bride's dress with satin silk and the bust with beading and sequence, the picture's below is a bit blurred but you will be able to see more or less the style. She also requested waistcoat for the groomsman I made two different colors silver for the groom and the mini groom and the grape color for the groomsman with matching ties.
The mini bride dress was a look a like of the bride and I also made the bridesmaid dress with the grape color taffeta material.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nikelly's final flower girl I'm done!

Yes I love making dresses and things, but sometimes it just gets out of hand !                 
When you a dress maker and you have kids ,chances are they will appear in every ones wedding.....
Well its true and you end up having no space in the closet
This is one of the flower girl dresses I made for my daughter , its plain in the front with more detail at the back. I made the dress with satin it has a bow in front and frills at the back with a different colour tulle, below is the pictures...(*^,)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blue Bridesmaid dress , waistcoats and tie

Well this is an old project I did sometime last year for a wedding, I couldn't do enough fittings as the bridesmaids where based in Cape Town and the wedding took place there too. So I had to work with the size that was given to ...this is how it turned out . The bride requested me to make waistcoats for the groomsman and this is how it turned out ...... I'm still waiting for the picture's of the actual day of the wedding ... witch I know I won't get coz I lost contact with the bride...... lol so we have to make use of what we've got.... lol

Fashion show update!!!!

Hi There
I know I haven’t  been updating my post that regularly but  I had too much going on ………………… I promise I will do my best this week….lol
Anyways  the Fashion show ….. not at all what  I expected , but some how we still pulled it off. Thanks to  my wonderful  models , friends and family especially my best friend Michelle (will post a picture of her below ) she manage to make me smile………lol
It turns out there was a big confusion with  this event ,as the school changed the date and the time ,among all the things that went wrong…  models being late and my camera and  business cards being miss placed. Sorry that means I don’t have any pictures of my own … L BUT  I do however have pictures that one of the audience took (the pictures below) and I will be doing a recap of the dresses and I’ll post it……lol So I had a little audience but they where cooperative.  Well  there had to be some mistakes , so now I know what to do the next time I plan another Fashion show.
I will be posting a few of my old projects this week  so  stay tuned!  J

My Best Friend Michelle

The Fashion Show