Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion show update!!!!

Hi There
I know I haven’t  been updating my post that regularly but  I had too much going on ………………… I promise I will do my best this week….lol
Anyways  the Fashion show ….. not at all what  I expected , but some how we still pulled it off. Thanks to  my wonderful  models , friends and family especially my best friend Michelle (will post a picture of her below ) she manage to make me smile………lol
It turns out there was a big confusion with  this event ,as the school changed the date and the time ,among all the things that went wrong…..lol  models being late and my camera and  business cards being miss placed. Sorry that means I don’t have any pictures of my own … L BUT  I do however have pictures that one of the audience took (the pictures below) and I will be doing a recap of the dresses and I’ll post it……lol So I had a little audience but they where cooperative.  Well  there had to be some mistakes , so now I know what to do the next time I plan another Fashion show.
I will be posting a few of my old projects this week  so  stay tuned!  J

My Best Friend Michelle

The Fashion Show

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