Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Projects of the past on Burdastyle

Hi there
So I thougth of taking you back in time! The pictures below is projects I made a few years ago most of my work is evening and,wedding dresses my clients wants all these dresses where custom made to there satisfaction. The thing about custom made clothing is you portraying your own style in the clothes you wear, whether its a every day look or your banquet, wedding whatever that special day is you want to look and feel unique. Some might feel its a waist to spend so much money on one day ,but the hell we only live once and you only matriculate once and every one wants there first wedding to be perfect , so for me that's what custom made is all about, don't go to a dressmaker and ask them to make you something you've seen in a shop then you might as well save a lot of your time and money and go and buy it ! If you want to make something ,make something others wont find in a shop, something that others will go and look for but wont find! Well below is a link to some custom made dress I've made for some of my clients!

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