Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Dairy: earthquake hit central South Africa

Hi Dolls
If you have read the news you would have seen the headlines:

A 5.3 magnitude eathquake hit central South Africa yesterday, shaking buildings in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

One confirmed dead after earthquake: Tuesday 5 August 2014

Deadly earthquake in South Africa in Orkney and Klerksdorp – 1 fatality and 21 injured

To view the picture's click on link:
My thoughts …….Oh my word I can’t die at work in the toilet!!!!!!
So there I was in the toilet and the door starts shivering (oo,) my hart started to beat faster terrified of what’s happening. How grateful I was for my life when it stopped and I was still alive …… Thank God!
But imagine feeling terrified for one minute thinking of your children and the people you love, not realizing there’s people out there in the world going thru worse life treating situations then a one minute earthquake.
How amazing is it that one minute can make you be grateful for so many things in your life. We have to realize how blesses we are and thank God each and every day for allowing us to open our eyes and spending time with the people we love.
I’ve read somewhere “If you think your blesses because of money, Then you don’t know the meaning of Blessings.”
Thank you God for my Blessings!
Hope u save where ever u are
See u next time

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