Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lacoste Cake

Hi Dolls
Let me start by saying …….. Call me Martha Stewarth…
Oh yes I baked that cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so proud of it  (*^,)
This cake was for a 21st birthday party and the birthday boy is Lacoste Crazy…lol
So they decided on a t-shirt cake. Believe me I’ve never made a crocodile that small out of fondant but I got it right first time around…lol
I had fun baking the cake, had some quality time with my eldest daughter she had a blast mixing an liking her fingers most of the time…
When the baking was done she was so tired and went to bed when I did the decorations on the cake , the next morning she was so excited to wake up and see our creation she was so surprised and took most credit for it.
I’m so sorry I didn’t take any pictures of us while we were baking but here’s the end result enjoy!
See you next time
Toodel do
Mwha (*^,)

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