Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lunch with My Girls #Bridesmaids#Wedding

Hi there
It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog and now I have a lot of things to post but I'll take it one at a time …..lol
So many things happened!!!! I worked like hell ……lol will be updating all of the projects, all of them were mostly Banquet Prom dresses. I was under pressure most of the time but I somehow manage to complete all of them. Besides all of that I have great news I’m getting married and I’m so exited ….lol. I just had to share this post because I have a lovely group of girls as my bridesmaids.
I decided to take them out for lunch and let them meet each other, what a wonderful time we had! Everything turned out great, some of the girls met each other for the first time, but when they chatted it felt like they knew each other for years.
Let me introduce them to you: we have my best friend (you will know her she’s been in my previous post) Michelle then next to her my other best friend Lee-Anne, next to her my other best friend Leonie, and next to her my sister in-law Sheena, my sister will also be in the wedding but she wasn’t with us that day. I know …. I know I’ve got a lot of best friends ….lol  ja who said you can’t have more than one ??????????????
I’m thankful to have met them cause each of them  are unique and that’s what I love about them…….mwha
Below is some pictures of us (*^,)

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